Top Career Scope of Digital Marketing in India – 2022

This is the era of Digital Marketing in which we are telling Top Career Scope of Digital Marketing in India – 2022. Nowadays, Everything is online. Employees have to work from home due to covid-19. 

Around 94% of people are digital users whether they use mobile or desktop. People are continuously using digital products. It is the right time to start a career in Digital Marketing. The technology of today is Digital technology. 

Before we understand the scope of digital marketing in India 2021. It is important to allow us to first recognize this industry. Digital marketing is an advertising method to sell products and services online. So in easy terms, we will say that we’re selling our products and service to clients who use the internet.

Even nowadays TV marketing is one of the maximum used marketing techniques for companies. Extra clients started the usage of the internet since its growth. It gave delivery to a brand new generation of marketing at the beginning known as Internet marketing. That is now Digital Marketing.

 To understand the broad scope of Digital Marketing in India, we should know its applications and the way it may preserve over the timeframe till we get a brand new era of communication.

Prominent Digital Marketing Trend’s Statistics 2022


According to marketing research, the Digital Marketing field has a wide scope. As a new Google report, India has the capacity to attain up to $100B in online e-commerce. With evolving clients from numerous demographics and places, we have got a large increase in prospects in online sales.


Top Career Scope of Digital Marketing in India-2022


Top Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher


Education is converting into online mode. So as a new college graduate comes into the Digital Marketing industry. He/she can get a job if the required skills are present. There are many extraordinary specializations so that you may have distinct alternatives to begin your Digital Marketing career.

Job Titles for Junior or Fresher Level in Digital Marketing

  1. SEO Intern
  2. Digital Marketing Executive
  3. SEO Executive
  4. Social Media Executive
  5. Adwords Specialist
  6. Email Marketer
  7. Content Writer

These are the various position in which a college grad can start their career. In this career one should have knowledge of What is Digital Marketing, What is SEO Technique, How can we run ads with the usage of specific keywords by Keywords research tools. 

Now, if we talk about starting salary of fresher in Digital Marketing so it starts from 1.6 lac per annum to 3 lac per annum based upon required skills. 

Job Titles for Experienced Person.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager.
  2. Social Media Manager.
  3. SEO Specialist.
  4. SEO content writer.
  5. Brand Manager.
  6. Online Content Developer.
  7. Web Designer.
  8. Professional Blogger.

A fresher can get these titles if you have 2-5 years of experience. 

Salary Bracket starts from 3.5 lac to 7 lac per annum and definitely depends upon which type of company you are joining in and you get a 30-40% hike on your previous salary.

As we have visible a dramatic boom in Work from Home (WFH) jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to Covid-19, many people are transferring closer to online marketing for branding. We can anticipate a remarkable call for professionals throughout India as soon as the financial system is repaired to the regular level. 

The usage of online systems has expanded and as according to a few reports. 50% extra time is spent via way of means of customers on social media. These offers are the remarkable possibility to groups to goal those particular customers. Many people at the moment are transferring closer to GIG primarily based on total work (Freelance). 

Demand for the best freelancers has expanded because of many regulations on offline activities. I desire after reading “Scope of Digital Marketing in India” you presently have the clean route of what possibilities are to be had for online marketing professionals. You can research this path from professional trainers.



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